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Why participate in market research?

  • Paid market research is a great way to earn extra income, just for giving your opinion. Market researchers and Fortune 500 companies are looking for people like you to participate in paid focus groups and paid online surveys.
  • Get paid to give your opinion! Examples include using smartphones, buying groceries, or owning a pet. We offer opportunities to participate in in-person, over the phone, or an online market research jobs
  • Research studies available in your area.

Why do companies want my opinion?

  • This is your chance to present your personal opinion AND get paid to do so! As poorly made products and disappointing services benefit no one, Fortune 500 companies rely on your opinion to help them provide for you.

How do I join a focus group?

  • Sign up and complete your profile. The more detail you provide, the better we can match you to available market research studies. You can also review our job map for available focus groups, phone interviews, and online surveys in your region or nationwide. All opportunities are free and available to anyone who qualifies! All you need to do is answer a few questions about the study and we’ll let you know if you fit. As a reminder, companies are looking for people who use their products, want to use their products, and do not use their products. So all types of people are needed!

Will you sell my personal information?

  • NO! Focus Forward is an accredited market research firm that is compliant with the MRA (Market Research Associated)’s Code of Marketing Research Standards. Your information will not be sold or shared with third parties.
  • Our process is safe and secure. You will be able to create a profile that is password protected that only you have access to.

How much money can I earn?

  • For in-person interviews, phone interviews, or online bulletin boards, the compensation ranges based on the study requirements, though typical rewards are between $75 - $125. For an online survey, awards are typically between 1,000 -5,000 points which equates to $1-5 per study. There is also the opportunity to be entered in our monthly sweepstakes and the chance to win 250,000 points.  


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